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Speaking in simple and general terms we can say that the internet and the world wide web will simply boost nearly all aspects of globalization and  free trade but some aspects and certain parties more then others.

The most obvious reason for this is that it brings the totality of the digitized and connected world within near instant reach of  a single computer screen and its user.

However  at the present state of development it will be mainly a tool favoring large systems such as found in sophisticated States and their subsystems and   multinational corporations.

These systems can and must operate through closely guarded networks and have a particular sophistication in the use and control of increasingly refined search engines scrutinizing massive amounts of globally linked databases.

If smaller entities which must ultimately be private individuals can not develop a sufficiently proper and sophisticated understanding of the potential of this technology   in all its awesome consequences the internet and the related soft- and hardware technology may become the ultimate threat to democracy . . .

The development of computer technology leading to the Internet and the World Wide Web is almost certainly  the most significant evolutionary step in the history of the planet, dividing  its history it in only two significant periods : the pre- and post computer era .

It is most important to note however, that we are now in a mega system transition period .

A period in which no one can even begin to imagine what the total effect of globally linked computer technology developing at a geometric rate is going to be on planetary life, including of course the international community . . .

What will be the mass effect of it now and in the very near future? Which properties will emerge from it? Properties that, by definition of emergent properties, will be unpredictable . . .

The most important task of our generation is to channel these developments in such a way that our children will benefit and not suffer from what we have created.

For it is in the nature of things, that when they have immeasurably great potential it depends on the mind of man whether they will develop into great, immeasurable good... or evil. For they boost only the potential of man. And the human mind by nature is defined by both qualities . . .

When considering the spirit of democracy under globalization it must be realized that it is precisely democracy that is threatened under the developments we have just signaled.

For it is inevitable that the most powerful applications and control of these developments will first be in the hands of the strongest groups, groups that can invest astronomical amounts in further developing the relevant technology.

These groups could be very small, ultimately perhaps even be reduced to a few man at a  global level.

So much power in only a few hands is by definition incompatible with the most basic principle of democracy which is division of power between independent entities controlling each other in a responsible and relevant manner.

The major problem of the transition period is that the (often senior) controllers can not possibly have even the remotest knowledge of what they have to control . . .

This knowledge may become available to future generations unless it will be mans fate always to lag behind in wisdom when having to deal with breakneck speed technological developments of systems that determine our destiny.

One consequence of globalization of global markets under rule based free trade boosted by the internet seems to be the soaring of real estate prices in many countries . . .

This puts both tenants and many private owners including small and medium size companies, which form by far the majority in the worlds populations, in a very dangerous position.

Like the Indians in the old days they will very probably ultimately end up in reservations . . .

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