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This topic is closely related to the postulate that humanity forms a single organism.

To explain this with as few words as possible remember that the human body  is composed of many many billions of cells grouped in different categories. These categories form the tissues and organs of the human individual. For all practical purposes it is adequate to consider each of these cells as a singular organism. It is segregated from its environment by a membrane. Through this membrane it exchanges matter with its environment to maintain a stable state. For all practical purposes this process is comparable to what larger organisms like humans do when they metabolize. It could even be defended that the cell, which can be regarded as the smallest form of life, can experience a form of comfort and discomfort. By constantly seeking comfort it maintains its stable state. This is more or less the essence of what results in what is called homeostasis.

Large organisms can be regarded as comparable homeostatic systems which throughout evolution have quantum leaped from the cellular state to multi cellular states like humans.

They are characterized by differentiation of cellular qualities with brain cells in total interaction with each other controlling the stable state of the total organism. In humans the brain consists of some 100 billion nerve cells (called neurons) interconnected by some 70 trillion  fibers (called dendrites).

When considering the possibility of  (humanity as ) a "Global Organism", with a "Global brain" it is important to to remember that single cell systems have evolved into multi billion cell states. It would only be a next evolutionary step if humans would evolve into a single planetary organism. After all, on a solar system  scale the physical distance between individual humans is negligible. Rather like the distance between single cells in a multicellular organism is practically negligible to humans in their daily affairs. Similarly, only in the human frame of reference the physical distance between humans, even when on different continents, is significant.

Many believe that with the arrival of the internet and the world wide web this model of a global organism with a global brain has passed from the metaphorical stage into the stage of a model which has a place in reality and should be developed and evaluated on a similar bases. This type of model testing is really what science is all about. As an example, think of the way in which the model of the atom has been evaluated for many years before it was accepted as reality and could indeed be observed using the right methods of observation.

In the global brain / global mind model the internet / world wide web hardware is considered to be the global brain from which the global mind is evolving.

Many believe that this is now a reality which must absolutely be reckoned with when considering human evolution.

One question would of course be "So what?" What difference does it make to me if I am me or just part of an organism?

Well, perhaps we'll have some idea about that after going more deeply into . . . the spirit of democracy under globalization . . .

Copyright J. P. Krol



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