(Global) Irreversible malignant criticality in the affairs of man .
11 September 2007 Stichting The Unicorn Foundation.

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11 September 2007

Important aspects of our texts have always related to the questions of how to integrate diversity into systems in a stabilizing way .
Our position has always been that the tendency to diverse is a basic mechanism of evolution resulting in progress when the twain can meet .

In our new era this blending is simply an aspect of reality which has developed as a random consequence of human progress :
systems like Global Internet -with ever improving translation computers- , Transport and Television (to name but a few) .

We have also emphasize the bipolarity principle of universal order demanding that everything has a price in the opposite and it is the story of human bondage that between opposites we must find the stable state .

Thus it must be a consequence of extreme beauty that there must also be extreme horror .  In a totally Globalized planet this could mean that collapse of this total system through minor (single keystroke!) events has also proportionally increased .  So has the possibility of annihilation of entire species increased where first mortal battles between individual organisms or local groups where the evolutionary selective mechanisms .
Our foundation tries to contribute to prevention of mayor related tragedies .

In concurrence with our Statutes -notably second and third directive and our related UNITED NATIONS ACTIVITY we are now developing a (1-10) point system for measuring defacto-genocide modes using Validation of Constructs methodology .

Our findings and imputes indicate that systems defined by the links we have grouped behind the words LIBERALIZATION of : under relevant links and link-clusters (below) in many cases may dynamically interact negatively causing accumulation of stressors resulting in illness causing (very) serious reductions of the life-span of very large groups of the European population . Relevant groups would be home renters ( 75% of European population -see graph- ) , senior citizens , (etc.) .

Points to consider (which we have frequently mentioned) e.g. are that the systems that are often the cause of these problems often also provide the dynamics for progress as we tried to illustrate with  mimi / miguelon(= Bookmark to link cluster line at bottom of page)

Another important point is that if only one of our present "Global Blocks" would emphasize the human rights mode rather then the morlock variety and only one other would not . . . well . . . then what . . . (?) This is one reason why a benign control of search robots while (perhaps ?) we still can is of such vital importance for our species survival . . .

Finally we would like to emphasize that many texts in the linked pages where written a number of years ago .  Some of the unpleasant conditions to which they refer have improved considerably since then .  We would ask our readers simply this : perhaps you might regard their contents as predictions and ask yourselves : have they come true ?


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Choice between impossible odds
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Negative dynamic interaction : more
Liberalization of : Labor contracts - health care : medical insurance and medical moral
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Never the twain can meet ?

We will continue with the text above depending on imputes we may receive,
Hoping to serve you all,
jas&jpk (in haste),