04 AUGUST 2008


In concurrence with our policy statement , notably Prevention of Planetary collapse and malignant replication we have recently elaborated on : global religion -internet and immortality-genocide- the carrier wave.
Our research on these topics is proceeding rapidly but becoming increasingly complex and potentially dangerous when used in open source mode .
A point has now been reached that we have to try to approach relevant specialized groups (e.g. benign global mind-brain specialists with cybernetic orientation) . Our open source output may be temporarily influenced by this .

We may accentuate in this context our earlier reference to a consequence of the basically bi-polar nature of our known Universe : everything has an opposite , often forcing us to choose between impossible odds . . .
Considering the Internet it could be defendable to say it is exposing humanity to chaotic states and many other dangerous situations but can also be regarded as the most beautiful and impressive aspect of human progress ever achieved . The easiest rule may be :
better accentuate the positive !

Hoping to have served you all ,
unicornvortex , jas&jpk.