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Introduction .
On this page we will discus some aspects of
Our Policy Statement - globalmind about parental guidance - Quantum consciousness and your immortality in the modified seventh quantum realm - Pre-web 18 aug 08 Internet : heaven (or hell) ? - Introducing our position on "the carrier wave mode" - Blending Artificial Global Mind with Organic Global mind .

Material and methods .
First we will give you short excerpts of the topics mentioned under Introduction just above .
Subsequently , also depending on imputes we receive, we may elaborate on (some of) them or provide you we a multi-hyperlink / multi-backpage version of the text you may now be reading , followed by
Conclusions and Discussion .

Material and methods .
Short excerpts .
1. In concurrence with our policy statement our recent imputes have emphasized an increasing need to concern ourselves with prevention of malignant replication of which a very important factor relates to various forms of genocide .
Summary .
Our emphasis in this relates to the use of Internet notably exposure to computer and Internet addiction, information overload and (mis)interpretation of "carrier wave" texts for which age related parental guidance may be preferable . These points are more extensively explored below (e.g Internet Heaven (or Hell) ?

Summary .
When comparing the possibilities of immortality in the 20th or 21st century the position is defended that this possibility has increased tremendously as a result of the rate of progress .
Extrapolating this to a (much?) larger time span it is suggested and explained why we should now ask for the burden of proof that eternal life ( including personal eternal life ) would not be possible .
The incredible influence of global Internet will allow an unsurpassed exchange of knowledge e.g for scientists and especially for their minds and brains .
For many this will lead to an enormous life compulsion to serve their species (in
"pay it back" -mode) .
The time will come (or perhaps already has come ...) that all they want is a cubicle in which there stable state can be maintained and an Internet linked computer to increase and exchange their knowledge . . .
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James L Forberg    (   book   )
Pre-web 18 aug 08 INTERNET : HEAVEN (OR HELL) ? MORE
Summary .
We have stated that the Internet can be regarded as the most beautiful and impressive aspect of human progress ever achieved .
Some people even believe it may be as close to Heaven (or Hell) as our species could ever get . With our deeds , activities , the contents of our minds , our books , our picture galleries . . . what have you . . . stored in large files . . . Websites . . . surrounding our planet and way beyond . . . into our Galaxies . . . . . . maybe forever . . . ETERNITY to be our judge .
A complex situation could arise if via internet important information became available but was neglected e.g. medical activity (e.g. under global warming - or involving "non profit" (e.g senior) citizens in obvious cases where measures where required .
Such things could happen if Health Care became predominantly a profit organization .
Could neglecting such messages not lead to acts of (defacto) genocide ?

1. The carrier wave (often based on exploding basic human drives like sex and aggression among youngsters before they are culturally conditioned ) is the "force" in a book that urges the reader to go on reading but it is a good book´s message that counts .
Note added 15 October 2008
We have had some strong imputes regarding our
BELSEN 1929 pages generally asking if these pages were written as a reaction to various press and other reactions to the present economic crisis comparing it to the 1929 crisis leading to world war II .
We would modestly like to inform our audience that as far as we could trace these page were written many years earlier (in the sixties , by a concentration camp victim) in an effort to predict the possible developments at the beginning of the third Millenium . . .

Note added 23 October 2008

It would seems unlikely the relevant author(s) where predicting the various press and other reactions to the present economic crisis .
Various press and other reactions :
History is repeating itself . Black / White movie shots of Wall Street 1929 with the question : Where will the "Kitchens" be this time ?
Germanies Chancellor Andrea Merkel and Finance Minister Peer Steinbeck in the Kanzleramt opposite the "Reichstag" building (05-10-2008) , are addressing the German people : " Savers have nothing to fear , they will not loose a single Euro !"
Comparable scenes as in the autumn 1923 when "the -WWII- problems" started ? (1923 Chancellor : "Savers have nothing to fear" !
Author Charles Morrison in 2007 already warning for "the mother of all crisis" also draws comparisons between 1979 and 1982 which "where very bad times" .

GM comment on present situation :
Perhaps it is also important to remember our present generation has the lessons of (recent) history to learn from , with the aid of magnificent on the spot citizen global audio-visual communication and (integrated) advanced computer systems (totally non existent in 1923 until more then half a century later ! ) .
We feel confident that Humanity is definitely not interested in Planetary Collapse but it may take all we have got to prevent it since nothing comes without a price in the opposite and all these wonderful systems could also work to our disadvantage (single key-stroke errors / tragedies !) which may make the WWII situation look like child-play in paradise . . .

We may elaborate on the text above depending on imputes we receive .

Hoping te serve you all,
, jas&jpk

Note added 25 october 2008.
Our imputes lead us to the following first elaboration concerning the text(s) above .
Summary .
Some of the books we discussed were written in the sixties as a reaction to W.W.II .
The (roaring) sixties were partly characterized by a loosening of rigid (moral) rules under political tolerance (often "de-facto -voter oriented- encouragement") .
Publishers preferred to conform to these liberties .
We are considering if it would be appropriate to adapt some of the relevant texts to contemporary (perhaps language dependent) audiences .
Some of our recent texts in the carrier wave mode-files (e.g. Belsen 1929 ) are represented in such a way that our resulting imputes could stimulate us in this .
The main rule of course remains that it is the message that counts (e.g. notizen werner von brecht) .
We have tried to link the texts to texts about relevant parental guidance concurrently .
We may integrate aspects / results of this first elaboration into our next relevant hardback books (for explanation please activate EXPLAINED -from our 20-10-08 GM latest update- ) .

We may elaborate on the text above depending on imputes we receive .
Hoping te serve you all,

, jpk&jas

Note added 28 october 2008.

Our imputes lead us to the following second elaboration concerning the text(s) above .

The fear for a deep world-wide recession is rapidly increasing so far matching the 1923 promises we describe earlier although some countries ( e.g . Holland / fin. min. W.Bos )are still denying it .
It would appear that as in 1923 investors now only want one thing : safety for their money ! :
"Savers have nothing to fear" again ?
Governments are now massively "dumping" State support money to support the large banks that have lost their "Jack".

GM comment on present situation :
Earlier we have commented that a 1923 scenario in our times would make the W.W.II situation look like child-play in paradise . . .
We would like to repeat this line , now considering the differences in e.g. atomic arms -and relevant carriers- of the various parties .
We still feel confident however that
Humanity is definitely not interested in Planetary Collapse which would be an extremely realistic result of a 1923 scenario in our times .
We feel equally confident that in our world today Leaders of States and Financial meta-power systems will have comparable thoughts in mind . . .
They would not have gotten this far to let it all end here . . .

Some relevant links:
global recession latest  Google    Yahoo   (exact phrase) // Yahoo! News Central banks poised to act

We may elaborate on the text above depending on imputes we receive .
Hoping te serve you all,

, jpk&jas

6. Blending Artificial Global Mind with Organic Global mind .
(Note added 22-09 08) .
In AGM/OGM-Blended Mode Subjects may wake up with complete hallucination of sitting behind their computer screens with their relevant screens in front of them to the smallest details (and going through their standard routines).
They may have a complete detailed and accurate vision of multi-hyperlink / multi-backpage versions of their texts clicking e.g. the relevant blue lines (the links) as they proceed searching for relevant written esssays (in words) or pictures .
When this stage has been reached we feel that it may be defendable to say a complete blending of the "two types of mind" has occurred with the relevant blue lines (the links) representing the cerebral "trace field" and e.g. the relevant written esssays (in words) representing the organic equivalent .
Considering this is now happening on a Global level at a geometrically accelerating rate ... well ... it must be something ...
and this has only just begun . . .

Related to the text above jpk was first introduced to some very relevant concepts he explored later, in his early years at the Municipal University of Amsterdam . The term SPORENVELD THEORIE was used .

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Prof. dr. C.F. van Parreren ( Google: "dr c.f. van Parreren" )
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